Hopefuly you'll find here some matter of enjoyment, not somuch because the music is great but rather because it now belongs to (my) history. My second album will be released some day, some time, at some point...

I don't know when really ! I'm really taking my time (nah... In fact I'm so lazy, I can't be asked unless they pay me loads of fresh cash... which of course they don't...sigh...), so all I can say is we'll see ! Better than nothing uh ?

Aka (2000)

My very first album: Aka


Cheap production, cheap sounds, audacious ideas... A nice first try I guess although I have never been quite satisfied with how it sounds...

Mind you... Considering my engineering skills and the technology I used back then, I could as well say you only get what you can actually do, not what you'd dream of !

It's only been released locally (a mere 100 copies), sold 34 and never managed to draw any attention from record companies - not that I haven't tried but I was told it was quite unmarketable...

How I did it

François Wiss playing guitar in Brooklyn

It was produced (back in 1998-1999) in my small home studio with hardly any serious technology at the time... Basically, a pentium 120, a Roland U20 synthetizer, a Guillemot maxisound 64 soundcard, a westone prestige e-guitar, a Shure SM58 mic, Cubase VST24, and... my wits !

That's about all I can say... Errr... Well, It took me almost 6 months to record, produce, arrange and required the help of a few guests who made an appearance on some tracks:

  • Idriss Hasnaoui (bluesy/rock guitars on "Emmene-moi" - choruses),
  • Arnaud Dupont (bass guitar on "Dis-moi"),
  • Francois Wiss (Fantastic spanish guitar part on "Illusions",

And... a lot of support from my mates and the glorious Bastide family !

I'd also like to mention Marie-France Jean who designed the original cd cover.